TX-RZ 710

7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver

Add THX® Reference Sound to Your Widescreen Experience
Just bought a big 4K TV? Here’s big sound to go with it. THX® Certified for Cinema Reference Volume, the TX-RZ710 has a premium RZ build
with non-phase-shift amps, huge capacitors, and high-output transformer that pull every drop of emotion from object-based soundtracks,
which are precisely phase-aligned with new AccuReflex calibration technology. Music blooms with vibrant energ y thanks to high-current
amplification, whether it’s fed from Spotify via Google Cast™ or AirPlay or from a vinyl record on your turntable. FireConnect™ streams any
of these sources from the receiver to a wireless speaker in another room*, while Zone 2 HDMI® sends video to a second TV. Gathering your
media and giving easy access across the home, the TX-RZ710 will make daily entertainment an event to look forward to.

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